Friday, December 13, 2013

My JUSTFAB Christmas Giveaway!

The holidays are almost here and I can’t help but think about how much my life has changed, as I reflect on the events of this year I smile because I truly am happy and thankful for my family and friends. With that said my New Years resolution is to continue to strengthen my relationships and well umm exercise more! Happy Holidays and I wish you all a very happy 2014!!

********For a chance to win Justfab’s “Yacht Club” clutch a $39.95 value. In the comments section please post what your New Years Resolution is *********

The winner will be announced Sunday December 15th at 8pm (by random draw)
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  1. my new year resolution is always change for the better. start a secret savings account and stick to it. graduation is June '14 and i am stoked. i just plan to be a better person, mother, student, etc. this year to come than was this year that has past.

  2. My new years resolution is to continue to work hard...continue to inspire myself and smile everyday...and be happy in whatever life's endeavors are

  3. Love your blog! My new years resolution is to continue working towards a better me and enjoy life.

  4. To cut out all the negative people/negativity around me so I can live a helathy happy life!

  5. My new years resolution is to be more positive. No more negative thinking!