Friday, September 20, 2013

Why is an awesome Deal!

I am a shoe addict. I stalk shoes all day long, wish listing numerous pairs whether they are $20 or $2,000. I have a love for shoes and I am not in denial about the addiction. One day I decided to visit my old favorite (Steve Madden) and what I saw shocked me. The same shoe!! I knew that had a similar shoe with mild differences (see below) 

The shoes to the left are Steve Madden and run for about $149.95!  However  has a similar shoe, same material and heel height for $79.00! So of course this boils down to buying  name brand or buying something just as good but not as branded (yet)

 I have to say Raven at is much more stylish and is part of Justfab's new Luxe Line which is a line of genuine leather shoes! 

Why is an awesome Deal! @justfabonline

Raven - JustFab

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